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Monday, Jun. 9, 2014 at 10:50am Coming soon to your BOD?


Good news, fellow futurists! 

A Hong Kong venture capital firm has just named an Artificial Intelligence entity to its Board of Directors. "The Hong Kong company that announced the novel board addition last month is Deep Knowledge Ventures, a venture capital firm that does not have outside shareholders, just investors, and looks at developing technologies that stop the aging process -- clearly a matter of interest to many board members. The privately held company makes seed and early-stage investments in companies and research projects that stop the aging process," writes Tony Chapelle in...


5/6/14 at 9:47am
Curriculum Videos

This is the first of the video training modules in The Curriculum.  It is dedicated to the crucial portion of any student's course of study: the task -- on a daily basis -- of Not Appearing Stupid.  The workplace is accepting of all kinds of people, but...

4/23/14 at 11:30am
The Curriculum: The Core

Today Publisher of USA Today and (obviously) humorist Larry Kramer decided to look at my new book, The Curriculum, from a very unique lens. Here's how he did it, with many thanks from me, Stanley Bing, and a sheepish grin from me under my given name as...

4/21/14 at 4:18pm
The Curriculum: The Core

Today the excellent Poets & Quants published an excellent interview with me about The Curriculum, its intent and purpose, the majesty of its architecture, and some of its salient points. The interview may be found here ( Here's...

4/14/14 at 7:20am
The Curriculum: The Core

PW reviewed The Curriculum today. Here's what they said:  Fortune columnist Bing (Executricks) offers a hilarious curriculum for educating would-be businesspeople on the ins and outs of the workplace. Dismissing the need for a higher degree from a...

4/10/14 at 7:14am
Serious Studies

The Core Curriculum establishes a common language and foundation upon which a real- world business career can be mounted. Courses include:   101: Not Appearing Stupid 102: Fabricating a Business Personality 103: Selling, Marketing, and Negotiating...

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